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Frank Cadogan Cowper - Portrait of Elizabeth Witts (1954)


Frank Cadogan Cowper - Portrait of Elizabeth Witts (1954)

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From where you’re kneeling, it must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck. But the truth is… the game was rigged from the start.

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I DID IT, MY FIRST SIMS 4 CC WHOO! It’s non-default and can be found under jackets in tops. If you use it, I’d love to see it! o uo

Buy it [here]. Download it [here].

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Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Watch non black cosplayers and lovers of cosplay stay silent on this.

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rule 63 spider-(wo)man > Anna Kendrick as Petra Parker


rule 63 spider-(wo)man > Anna Kendrick as Petra Parker

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download face templates!

bonus download: ideal plantsim (26eelf) and pollination technician (28alien)!

credits: Fillyfoal, Lionspau, AlfredAskew, Uranium Z, Revolvertrooper and especially Azayawife, who not only provided the sim bases for like half of these templates but helped enormously with coding, testing, quality control and last-minute fixing assistance. (I love you, my little strawberry milkshake pop tart!)

WOO, face templates that have been in the works off and on for over a year, I shit you not. These are kind of a followers gift, in that there are close to 2500 of you (WHOA) and I feel as if gifts are in order to thank you guys for putting up with me!

Here is a gif of all the faces in BodyShop:


And HERE are large previews of the faces in game, with detailed credits and some notes on the features:

01Heart | 02Base | 03Erus | 04Emed | 05Cban | 06Cmas | 07Eafr | 08Easi | 09Cino | 10Este | 11Cmay | 12Eeas | 13Ecer | 14Cteu | 15Ceth | 16Eeng | 17Cara | 18Caus | 19Ccel | 20Cind | 21Cper | 22Cmed | 23Cpla | 24Cpol | 25Csla | 26Eelf | 27Etge | 28Alien

I should note, I couldn’t puzzle out what regions most of the templates were meant to represent, so my replacements aren’t intended to be an accurate reflection of any specific area or ethnicity. They’re pretty much just a grab-bag of features I like mashed together on various faces.

One thing I did try really hard to accomplish was minimizing the amount of game-influenced difference between ages and genders. Switching a face from F to M should not result in a thinner, sulkier mouth, hollower cheeks and smaller eyes across the board, that makes no sense. I could not, however, fix this hard-coded game glitch that (as far as I have seen) effects all replacement templates as well as the maxis default faces.

I THINK THAT’S EVERYTHING?? Let me know if I messed anything up. (I’m so full of painkillers right now that it is 99% likely that I have messed something up.)


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Old (from August) crappy portrait.


Old (from August) crappy portrait.